Lan Fa Textile was established in 1972, which deals mainly in manufacturing polyester processing silk, and provides Lan Fa silk with the highest-quality for the weaving factories and traders in the downstream area. So far,

Lan Fa Textile has made an outstanding achievement on research and development of the new product and the improvement of the new procedure. In the striving for its industry automated revolution and e-type system management model, the company has enhanced the effectiveness and efficiency to be at the top. In recent years,

Lan Fa Textile spares no pain on the research and development for the new products, as the hygroscopic and perspiration processing silk ( hydrofuge and flash - dry), buckskin silk (open fiber) ( SUDE ),blunt-ray processing silk( similar effect to natural fiber), superfine fiber processing silk( polyester peach) , mimic muslin yarn( dry, worm mimic linen )!Bfat-thin yarn( surface white and black effect )!Bblack-white yarn( similar effect to double-color MELANGE )!Bpearl yarn( similar effect to pearl grain)!B wool yarn( double-color wool sense ),(dragon yarn), ion yarn( double-color or grid effect ),etc. and are deeply popular.
Lan Fa Textile Besides20 production lines in Luzun Factory, there is also a Zubei factory provided with 60 production lines. Adopting high-speed auto-production procedure combined with e-type management, and put the systematic procedures, warehouse storage management system, and produce 10 kilograms processing silk which is the heaviest in the world, and provide a high-cost saving for the downstream customers and improve the weaving efficiency to wide extent.

Lan Fa Textile!|s stock has operated into the public market in Taiwan Bond Exchange, code No. 1459.