In 1972 :

The company was established dealing with producing the various knitted cloth.

In 1985 :

Entered into the polyester processing yarn industry, and introduced high-speed BARMAG friction-type   machine made in Western-Germany.

In 1992 :

Introduced a UNITEN'S computerized tension inspection machine

In 1993 :

Economy Department of Commodity Inspection Bureau appraised the product quality for Class A, prized for the mark¡uCertified¡v.

In 1994 :

Researched and developed the first TWIN   machine in the world with Germany BARMAG.
Finished the construction on 35  machines¡¦ production lines in Luzu and operated into the public market in Taiwan Bonds Exchange.

In 1996 :

Appraised for ISO-9001by Economy Department Of Commodity Inspection Bureau.

In 1998 :

Finished the construction on main building for Zubei factory. 

In 2000 :

30 high-speed BARMAG AFK1 friction-type false twistingmachines made a commission test for quantity production in Zubei factory(1,100M/Min),8 Autefa AGV auto-carriers were put into the operation in the production line.

In 2001 :

Finished the auto-inspection system of the package conveyance and auto-storage management system(6,400 storage spots,8,300 tons for storage capacity).

In April,2002 :

18 BARMAG AFK2 high-speed friction-type false twisting machines made a commission test for quantity production (1,310M/Min).

In July, 2002 :

Executive Department¡uState Plan,2008¡v,designated by Executive Department as¡uFirst Station of Nation E-Type Activities¡v,Mr. You, Department President was honored for¡uIndustry Model¡v.